Location sensor?


I’m playing around with the game engine for the first time, and I can’t seem to find how to do what seems to be a pretty basic thing. How can I set up a sensor to trigger based on an object’s global location on a specific axis? Basically I want my game to restart when the cube falls into the abyss, so I want to trigger the restart with the Z location. I’ve hunted around in various docs but I can’t find out how to do this.



Probably there’ many ways to do that
Fast and easy one…not very elegant
Place a plane ( invisible?) at “mid fall” with
Actuator -Collision-prop: whatever -> AND -> Actuator -restart


Yes thats a good way to do it, let me explain it a little bit more:

Put a plane in the “abyss” and make it invisible, then link the login bricks like this:


Make sure you give your cube a property as well as putting the same property in as above ^.
Doing that will make your game reset when the model with property “cube” touches the invisible plane.

Hope this helps, need anymore help just ask!


instead of having an always—and—invisible, you could just select the plane, hit ‘F’ (to face-mode) and F9 (editing), select the face and press the invisible button. Then exit face-mode (‘F’ again)