Lock Background Image

Is there a way to lock the background image in the 3D view?
That is if you rotate a 3D model the backgrouond image stays in place.
If not,should it be implemented in the next release of Blender?

There is two ways you can watch your background image in blender.

The first one is when Orthographic is abled, then you see the background image in the camera, front, back, side, top and buttom view

The other one is when Perspective is abled, then you only see it in camera view…

So i suggest you set a track object in the middle of the scene and then move the camera around to see it from the angle you want!

Another possibility is to use an image texture mapped to a plane as your background image. If you do that, you can rotate around the image. You need to be in textured view to see it.