Lock camera to view is so annoying

So I’m giong through a bunch of old scenes downloaded from blendswap and I frequently don’t notice that “lock camera to view” is enabled. So I rearrange the UI a bit, turn on denoising, look around the scene to see what’s in there. I hit save several times while I’m doing this.

Days or weeks later I go back to a file to make 2 renders, one to see if the latest version of blender produces renders that still look exactly like the old renders, and another one with my own attempt at lighting the scene from scratch.

I can’t make that first render because i accidentally moved the camera and there’s no easy way to get it back so I have to download the file from blendswap all over again just to copy the camera transform values.

The camera icon in the viewport should have a big red or green or blue lock or link & mouse icon next to it when “lock camera to view” is enabled.

You should also be able to right click the icon to quickly access “lock camera to view”.

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Perhaps a solution might be to lock the camera when you imported or openend a file for the first time. You can do that in the Tools panel.