Lock Rotation on Axis

Hello, I’m having some trouble in a car animation which I’ve my wheels rotating with the driver function (when the car moves) but I’ve also a wheel breaks (selected in the picture) which I would like to rotate along the z axis when the wheels also rotate (to make the turns) what happens now is that the breaks keep in the same position and move along with the car (parent) but I’ve already tried to set the breaks as child of (contraint) the wheel, also parenting the wheel, locking to z axis rotation etc and nothing seems to work well. I just want it to rotate z-axis when the wheel also rotates so it goes along (like a normal car). How can I do this?

It would help us help you if you could supply a blend. We will need to see the armature and some place holder mesh objects at the very least. Your problem could be any number of things.

You are under moderation until your post count reaches ten posts. You will be unable to upload anything here, but you can upload to pasteall.org and give us the link to the file. There is a tab for blends.

Good luck!

It’s hard for me to upload right now, it’s easier if someone can tell me how should I do what I pretend to do. So far I’ve all the parenting set to the car itself (all the other parts are children) and I want the break to rotate along the z-axis when the wheel rotates. Only on the z. If I parent the break to the wheel for example it works great but the break will rotate as the wheel rotates which doesn’t make much sense. Thank you!

I take it that by “brake” you mean the caliper not the disc? If so the caliper should be parented to the same bone that turns the wheel when you steer the car, not the wheel bone itself, which should also be parented to the bone used to steer the car. As my good friend Danpro has suggested, you need to post a blend file with your armature for us to look at. How have you rigged the Ackerman steering so the wheels turn the correct amount when you steer the car? This will help us point you in the right direction for rigging the brake caliper and disc.

Cheers, Clock.