Lockheed P80 Shooting Star

Like many, I like to model military aircraft. Here is one of the Lockheed P80 Shooting Star. First Jet Powered Fighter aircraft of the USA.


is pic 2 a real image or render? First neis great…the second look real…

Thanks Tapan…both are renders.

Great quality image ! I don’t know about the fidelity and accuracy in regards to the original aircraft but the image works fine.
I’d just say the smoke that comes out of the reactor doesn’t seem to move while it should, relatively to the plane. If the plane looks sharp and clean, this means the camera is following it, therefore the smoke should have motion blur. (It’s one or the other, you can’t have both parts sharp)

@ChameleonScales, Thank you…and I agree. I’ve adjusted the image to give more a feel of speed.


that works great