Locking down (freezing) rigid body positions after sim

I’m sure this is probably easy but I can’t find it anywhere…
Suppose you simulate a bunch of rigid bodies - you like the position they end up in and you want to have them sit in that position permanently.
How do you ‘apply’ or ‘freeze’ these new positions and clear out the simulation so that when you go back to frame 1 they don’t all return to their original (pre-simulation) positions?

Go to the frame you want to freeze and in the Scene settings remove the Rigid Body World


I’ve got the same question. When I remove the Rigid Body World and I go to frame 1 it stays in the right position but when I want to move the object it jumps back to it’s original position. Any tips?

Blend file ?

Removing the Rigid Body world isn’t enough…

In Object mode: [CTRL A] Apply --> Visual Transform

And also don’t forget to delete any eventual keyframes.


thank you for your help, this solved it.

This isn’t working for me. I’ve tried all sorts of combinations. I’ve also applied transformation from object->rigid body->apply transformation… nothing. Any other ideas?

Anyone know how to do this in 2.8?
Seems like applying visual transform still jumps back to its original position…

Bake to keyframes, then go to position and delete keyframes.

Follow this steps in 2.8:


Thanks! I’ve been looking for this solution for hours.

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This is useful for 2.8 too. Thank you

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i think this addon might help somebody.: https://gum.co/TAsuA
Find tutorial about this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSJU8VCNILU