Locking the curser to an object's center?

Hey, isn’t there a way to put the cursor where the object’s center is? I’ve tried tinkering the the cursor buttons but can’t seem to get it right.

Or is it even possible? :expressionless:

Thank you.

In object mode – shift-s -> cursor to selection.


If you want to move the cursor on the pink dot that should represent the centre of your object, then what GreyBeard said is ok. But be aware that that pink dot may non be in the real centre of your mesh/curve/NURB. To place that dot in the real centre go in the editing tab (f9), and click on “Centre New”. If you want to keep the dot where it is, but want to move the cursor in the centre, enter edit mode, select all and do Shift-S -> Cursor to selection.


Thank you both. :slight_smile: