Locking vertex Y-coordinate in place?

Is there a way in Blender to lock the Y (or X or Z) value of a vertex, so that regardless of how you try to transform it, the value remains fixed?

My usecase is any vertex along the XZ zero plane, that I wish to stay on that plane in order to for the mirror modifier not to mess up, but I’d still like to be able to be pretty sloppy and free with my editing…

Shift and the axis you want locked will constrain to a plane normal to that axis during an active move.

Sure, but what if I want to move many verts freely, but some of them are on the mirror plane?

You can enable “clipping” in the mirror modifier, which should lock verts around x0 in place.

There could be couple other ways but I am not sure about your use case or what you are trying to achieve exactly. Maybe give us a screenshot, so we can offer some other solutions.

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Thank you!

I would never have thought that “clipping” did that, but reading the tooltip sort of hints it, but it works perfectly! Really neat.

Bear in mind that the clipping option might change the vertex order, if it starts merging accidental vertices. If the vert order is not important, it should work fine.