LOD without game engine

Did read about the new feature LOD for the game engine. I ask myself if it this could be helpful to maybe rendering massive geometry scenes outside the game engine. No idea if this makes sense but here is a setup how it works without the game engine.
I used a distance driver for the subdiv value. Key 1 value defines the steps of LOD (Frame should be 0) and key 2 frame value the distance in units when LOD starts(Value should be 0). Think this works with Multires Modifier too.


Heh, cool idea :d. You can also use Decimate or Remesh.

But i think its quite rare to need LOD while just rendering.

hi gorion… you are right… was just an idea when i did read about the game LOD… Did some tests an does not seem to be very helpful but maybe for some cases. Anyways… simple and maybe useless but who knows :smiley: