Loft Bedroom Interior

Loft Bedroom Interior

I have recently started to ge int o 3D modeling, and this is pretty much my first project that I have done myself, not following any tutotrial. This is a loft bedroom interior scene, designed after a vision that I have had of my dream apartment. It took me around five weeks to complete this scene, and I am quite pleased on how this turned out :slight_smile:

I would really like to hear any tips on how to improve this even further. I think that this already is decently photorealistic, but I do realize that the lighting and the bedcloth are lacky.

The scene was rendered at 3840x2260 pixls at 2000 samples. It took my laptop around 11 hours to render.

Thanks for viewing :slight_smile:

Everything looks pretty good to me :slight_smile: The two thing i can notice are the brick wall, it seem too flat to me, try adding some displacement. And the wood plank texture you used on the floor, try to UV unwrap it differently, it looks repetitive in some points. Good work though.

Very good work indeed. could you improve the diffuse light. All the light and shadow look a bit too much crispy for a bed room.

This isn’t your first rendering ever and even not your first interior design, right ? :wink:

Interior design, level of detail, mood,…: Very good
Photorealism: Sorry, it’s doesn’t look photorealistic to me. If you compare with Corona Renderings or Octane or V-Ray, it’s looks far away from photorealistic. I hope this is a User and not a Cyclesproblem :wink:

Kind regards

Yea, I guess some displacement would be really needed :smiley: I guess I am still trying to keep the polycount as low as possible, since my old computer couldn’t handle more than about 50,000 faces efficiently :slight_smile: Didn’t even notice the repetitive wood, but now that you mentioned it… :smiley:

Hmm, I could try that. First I need to figure out what diffuse lighting means though :stuck_out_tongue: Still a newb on these things.

Actually this is my very first try at interior design :slight_smile: And yeah, I have made like two other little basic projects before to get a grip of things, but this is the first one that I’ve actually done myself, not following a tutorial :slight_smile: I have a lot to learn, so the lack of photorealism is all beacuse of me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the replies!

For me the biggest thing that stands out is the wooden floor - it’s a bit too glossy, which gives it the appearance of being wet. Repetitive textures have been mentioned.
I do like the image though. Quite good for a first try!!

You just need to tweak the shaders a bit. The shaders for the air conditioning ducts are usually made out of aluminum/steel right? it needs a bit more glossiness. You also need to muss up the brick wall a little bit. displacement modifier plus subdiv modifier up to around 2. it doesnt need to hold perfect detail, you just need to break up the outline a bit. No brick wall is ever straight. Last thing is maybe you need to play with the colors and contrast a bit. It could use a bit more contrast on some spots. Just minor adjustments go a really long way.

but yeah, other than that, the scene is pretty fantastic. This is really good. good job.

Sweet! I love it :slight_smile:

Wow! I like your lighting idea. :wink:

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