Well, I’ll leave as well, because I do not want getting around … and something else. C & C please. I will answer any questions if you are curious (my english is not very good :stuck_out_tongue: …)



Very nice interior, i like the lamps a lot, congrats job well done.

Not much to say, very nice and like the lighting too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments. A screenshot more with lighting setup :slight_smile:


Hi Josemanuel, your work is amazing! Congratulations.

I have just one question: why do you choose Krita than GIMP or Photoshop to make the compositing, please?
I want just to know your preference only. :spin:

Well, it’s mainly been working with Linux … I worked many years with windows and photoshop. Gimp seems unintuitive (because I come from photoshop) But Krita I love, I’m comfortable with it and has many advantages when working with paint and render layers (multilayer EXR import directly without problems)

Ha yes >>multilayer EXR import directly without problems)
I didn’t know that! very good news!

Thanks for your reply!

Superb job!!!

It’s also nice to see Krita used as a post-production tool…