Lofting Study: Abstract Female Form (.blend)

Someone from CGTalk needed help with lofting, so I created a simple quick screen cap demo.
(youtube link)

Then I continued to play, added lattice modifier, changed the base curve into a 3D path, and lo and behold a female form emerged. Interesting toffee/caramel material (sss).

.blend file attached for playing.


lofted fem form.blend (148 KB)

I think it’s more like “there is no spoon” :-).

It’s really hard to give some nice informative comment for this, but there’s one thing that comes to my mind.

You should try to deflatten the model… It should be more “round”. This way it really looks more like a spoon I mentioned or some sort of caramel plate bent in this way and dented a bit with thumb or something like that (is dented the right word? not sure again, damn).

But since it’s abstract you may aswell just leave it that way, just told my opinion about it ;-).

Also caramel is a little bit more saturated in my opinion… but there are many types of it, so it’s not really something to change.

color also depends on your monitor’s settings/color profile/calibration…
thanks for comments :slight_smile: