Log shopping facilities remake

below you can see original project made 4 years ago in 3ds max. Not ever 100% finished but it was only for university project.

As I’m turning into blender since some time, I’ve deciced to remake it within blender and cycles. So there I’ll post some work with file hoping that readers can help me with things I don’t know about blender.

I’ve already imported model in blender. However took me 9 hours to repair it.
And of course as I’ve changed i remodel some part of building.
For sure there is all the surrounding to change… I don’t like those stairs anymore…

First issue that I can’t understand is what is happening while in edit mode, when object has curve modifier?
Selection is moving in reversed values, also median point is wrong right then.
Is there any way to make it work as it should?

I was impresed that blender can produce random (by object) uv transformation,
so even all wooden parts share 1 uv Project, I don’t have breaks is same place on each plywood.

Still have some problem with Uv, but I’ll leave it for other time.
At the end of post first blender preview of work: