Logic Bricks and SIO2

Hi everyone. I want get started developing games for the iPhone with Blender, however, I cant help but wonder, how can the logic bricks and the python code created in the Blender Game Engine, be transferred into the iPhone using SIO2? Is this possible or do I have to code the logic of the game objects using SIO2 itself? How does this logic brick and iPhone business work?

P.S. I know that the physics and the animations created in Blender can be transferred into the iPhone using SIO2. I just dont know if you can transfer the logic bricks.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I’m curious about this too. I’ve started playing with sio2 and am impressed with the results so far. I’ve got simple scenes exported from blender and running in the iPhone simulator. If logic bricks and python could be used for game logic, it would really reduce the barrier of entry for iPhone programming for me and a lot of other blender users. Is this possible? It’s a subject that doesn’t seem to be covered in the sio2 tutorials. I’m hoping someone here knows, but I’ll continue my search and repost here if I find a definative answer.

Hi Quailman,
Have you found anything yet to simplify building logic for the iphone ?