logic pro around? solved

is there a good logic pro here who could make charectors move and stuff for bge, provided with the animation and stuff?
would be nice, ionee

its for parkour pro. ,free game
and thread

U think someone wanna do that for u :stuck_out_tongue:

im new to it, and no one i know knows all about it.

We mostly meditate in front of a blank blender scene to learn the answer to our problems. Instead of wasting time searching the forums and buying… euuhh… buying books and video tutorials. It’s not as if parenting your armature to the mesh, and then setting up logic bricks that play the animations based upon certain criteria is something that someone could tell you how to do, or even give you a whole list of useful video tutorials about this information.

Perhaps next time you should ask others how to do it, not asking them to do it. We’d rather teach you to fish, because we also must feed ourselves. It’s almost rude to state it as you did, so your responses won’t be helpful or cheerful from most of us, but if you make it worth our while we could. As in, slips of various coloured rectangular pieces of paper with the faces of famous national icons on them involving some form of numbers, and that denotes they are useful for “…all debts public and private” ought to do the trick for most of us.

@ ionee: I understand you are new to the Blender Game Engine and from my own experiences it can be tough to get past a few things. The best way to succeed is to learn by the mistakes from others and the ones you make. You would definitely learn better and quicker by following a set of guidelines and making your idea along with it rather than having someone do it for you. If there is no one around to do your work then you’re up a river without a paddle. There are plenty of videos on rigging and modeling on YouTube. I suggest watching this video and then watching it’s other 2 parts. It’s a three part video series:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Lots of rigging tutorials tell you to add the “armature” modifier. This armature modifier does not work in the game engine, it does not deform the mesh from what I have found. I suggest (it’s a primitive idea but it works) selecting the character mesh, then shift clicking the armature, press Ctrl P, select Armature, then select Bone Heat option. You can also alter the weight paint of the bones and mesh if you’re experience in that. There are tutorials on this as well but I don’t have the links to them.

I’ll attach a blend file of stationary animated zombie characters for a Blender game that I made. This is a demo file and isn’t the real game though, but you can look at how I used the logic to animate the armatures. All you have to do is hook up the logic to move the cube, then the characters will move! You can go ahead and mess around with the zombie file I sent you.


@ Iconoclast
Being sarcastic in a rude way is not going to encourage anyone to do their best. I think that instead of telling someone to ask others how to do it rather than asking them to do it is degrading on your own reputation, if you were by chance here on the forums to help people you might ignore them asking for someone to do their work and just tell them how to do it or send a useful link. You are right on one part though, Give a fish to a man, feed him for a day; teach the man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

@ ionee, again
I wish you all the best with Blender, I’m not really one to make video tutorials and I’ve never tried my hand at writing one before; but I like to help people out. So by all means let me know if you need Blender help.


zombie overview.blend (590 KB)

Mesh modifiers work in the GE as of version 2.49. This includes the mirror/armature/subsurf etc modifiers.

wow thanks for you feedback.
Riyuzakisan thanks so much for the lots of info and where i can find my passage
to becoming a logic king!
thanks, ionee

No problem.

@Riyuzakisan: I’m fairly certain I was actually born rude. Maybe next time, eh? Nice tutorials though, I’ll be sure the spread them around next time someone asks for them, or asks other people to do it for them.