Logitech - touchmouse - iPhone/iTouch app

Hi everyone

I was just searching through the app store before i go back to school tommorrow and i found an interesting app called the touch mouse. it turns your iPhone/iTouch into a wireless mouse/keyboard for your computer, using a WiFi connection (no need for internet connection though)

there is a link for the setup instructions.

i found this quite fun to play around with on my iPhone, and it even worked with blender!

it’s basicly just a wireless mouse for your computer and obviously isn’t ideal for blender due to the often jerky movements and typing problems on the on screen keyboard.

but this app is great if you have your computer connected to the tv to watch a movie, etc.

just wanted to know if anyone else had tried this and whether or not it worked for them?

My pros:

-small download (2.5Mb i think)
-easy to install
-easy to use
-“sticky” CTRL ALT and WINDOWS key (on the windows version)
-it appears in the try and has very small pop-up messages

  • left, right, and center mouse buttons

My cons:

-it stopped working momentarily after trying to backspace some text
-fidgety mouse movements
-no edge of keyboard buttons (F1-12, TAB, ESC, etc.)