Logo Animation

This logo is still subject to change.
Critique needed.

Just finished my logo animation for my youtube channel:

Please let me know what you think of it!
Thank you in advance.


I really like the concept, the rearing horse is cool. Here are my critiques.
The rearing horse feels great until the end. it looks “Frozen”. Yes its supposed to freeze, but it feels stuttered. to maintain the pose, maybe make the horse rear a little farther back, and have it start to come down a little. might give it a little more feel of completion. Or have the horse trotting straight for where the camera starts. Then dolly the camera so the final point is when the horse pauses.
With the circle always there it kinda feels claustrophobic. Maybe have it not there in the beginning and scale it in to the proper size after the horse is done rearing. Kinda coming in.
With the words, in my opinion, if they both faded in at the same time it would work good.

Here is a rough (VERY!) idea of what I’m seeinghorse logo idea.blend (725.5 KB)

Thanks for the critique - I am considering getting rid of the horse, and make an entirely new logo animation which cannot be misinterpreted in any way other than “medievalish”.

It’s good to know your critique though, as far as what I should avoid and implement in the new animation.