logo animation


here’s a piece I made for a friend who started his own business
what do you think



Chain is too straight, after weight falls.


Nice one :smiley: You could give the heavy joe a little more nor.

Very good, I like the chain motion a lot … maybe you should add a little bit more motion blur, it would be perfect.

Think about adding some colour to the background to give the feel of a less 3d-like anim.


I think the sound effect of the chain snapping could use some work, and that the part where it actually comes off needs to be tweaked. Right now the chain just disappears for a second, which looks a little odd. But otherwise I think the concept is great and I love the sound of the weight swining (even though it really wouldn’t make a sound).

The concept is great. I like how you have the logo
just mysteriously appear on the face of the weight.

Just a suggestion for the sound effects:
How 'bout…
as the weight swings, you hear a creeking noise from the unseen structure that the weight hangs from.

Then a chink as the chainlink suddenly snaps (and recoils).
Followed by an earth shaking thud! (which you have pretty good now)

Like I said though it’s just a suggestion.
What kind of buisiness is it anyway?