Logo Design- Ark of the Covenant- HD

Finished Logo Design for a local non-profit, The lid of the ark (from the bible) and the two malachim (angels) facing the menorah (candlestick). Gold material from the Blender Open Material Repository, Starting point for malachim, from makehuman. Thanks Guys!


very nice. 2 small language corrections: firstly, what you refer to as malachim are called “K’ruvim” (k-ROO-vim) in Hebrew, Cherubim in english. and a menora is more of a candelabra than a candlestick.(which, btw, was not on the lid of the Aron (ark). but i guess thats just for the logo.) aside from that, very nice, although some variation in the gold color would make it even nicer imho.

PLEASE change the lighting, the light from the front makes it look like a camera flash, does not look very professional use key light from the side and a low power rim light

Good start

I’d make the type 2D, or make it really thin. Maybe try a serif typeface? or not?

Change the lighting, try what Brados33 suggested.

Color variation would be nice, like wysiwyg suggested.

The lid could use some more work. It looks a bit like the back end of those old cars with the wings. Perhaps add some more detail or if you can, try a different shape. Maybe it’s a scroll opened up?

Overall it feels a little ridged and square. I think this comes from the lid and the menorah. All I can suggest here is perhaps try to put something more… fluid, curvy, organic? to go with the angels.

Overall I like it. and if the client likes it… then your done :wink:


Everything but the type looks pretty good. I second what those above me said.
But, the font needs to change. The block letters that are Blender’s default were chosen because of their low poly nature. I think you could go for something more fancy in this logo.

Thanks for your replies, and advice. Due to time constraints and the need to move on, this will most likely be its final form. Even so, please do post comments and crits as I am constantly wanting to learn!


You may have noticed this yourself (If you did, then just ignore me) but the lettering reflects off the lid.

I don’t know if you wanted that affect, but just telling you, because it didn’t seem to in the first one (probably due to the lighting)

Otherwise It looks great.

Definitely better. I like the added detail.

If you do work on it more, fix the kerning, especially between the T and O.