Logo donation :-)

I need a logo for my site http://www.blend.spoocher.com , If anyone is interested in lending their tallents. This is the image that it must fit into if you go to the site you will see it at the top of the page. That will give you an idea of what is needed. http://www.blend.spoocher.com/themes/V-BlueBaby/images/header4.jpg
I don’t really have anything to give away as a prize except recognition on the site.

I’ll try and come up with something today. And nice site btw :wink: What are your plans on getting it going?

not sure yet. if you have any ideas let me know. Thanks for the nice comment.

Hey, awesome looking website. Here’s my attempt at it. What do you think?

Here’s one I just threw together. Would of liked to work on it more, but have to get back to work on the barn we’re building %|

Both of those are nice, but I am looking for a more creative approach. Maybe something made in blender with a custom graphic or something. Keep up the good wotk though.

i know an expierienced photoshop artist that does free work.

visit his site at http://projectfaint.hopto.org

he made the banner for my forum http://redwall.hopto.org

Um mine was done in blender, from scratch. Except for the bg of course.

Ok I really wanna help more but you’re being EXTREMELY vague, maybe some more info on what you want would help?

look at the logo on the http://www.blender3d.org site or the one on this site. they are not simply the name but also a small image before the name or the name is written with a unique style like the y in elysuin. Im sorry to be vague but Im having a hard time wording the design.

I would suck, so I won’t try to make a logo. Sorry.

Ok I changed the texture of the letters C and G. In terms of an Icon like the blender symbol do you have any ideas in mind?


I put it on the site so you can see what it looks like. If you look at the page you will notice that it doesn’t quite fit the rest of the theme. I will let it there until you or someone else makes one that fits a little better.

Great effort though!

im tellin ya, he can do a heckofa job

just give him a chance…it will take a ver short period of time once he gets started. email him at [email protected]

oh, and its completely 100 percent as expected free

and rest assured, he will be willing to do it

OK, here’s my stab at the blenderCG.com logo.

Here is a double size version for eye candy :smiley: :

And here is the original size for the site :

I haven’t tried it within the site layout to see how it fits in, but I expect it to be fine. This is entirely created and rendered in Blender, so you have the option of rendering this at any and all sizes for possible future applications.

Just my way of giving back to the Blender community, since I can’t code in C or Python to save my life (yet :expressionless: ). Hope you like it.


WOW…That is exacly what I was looking for!!!
I will give you credit on the site and a link to your home page.
Would it be possable for you to send me the .blend file?
I would like to use it to make a few icons and such on the site.

Glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

I’ve emailed you the .blend file.


I have put a link to your site in my “web links” section as well as a news story on the front page.
Thanks again!

The links are much appreciated.



Samir That looks cool