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Hi there!

As you may already know, we’re going to start a new character animation contest very soon. With your help we have already chosen a name for the contest and we thank you all for your votes :slight_smile: So the name will be “Monkeyframers”. It comes from two words - “monkey” (a human-like furry animal with a tail, widely used in cartoons) and “keyframer” (means nothing, but that’s basically a man/woman who makes keyframes, i.e. an animator).
Now what we want from you is your ideas about the logo of the contest. It should be one CG image that’ll be on top of the contest web page. There must be a monkey or monkeys there. It’s up to you what the monkey will be doing. We need just your ideas (I’ll make the actual image), but if you have done a cool looking monkey before and want to share it with us, or you want to make one now, you’re welcome! :wink:

That’s it. Now unchain your imagination and press the “Post Reply” button below…

P.S: The contest alows usage of any software, so don’t suggest Blender-only ideas, please!

Lyubomir Kovachev
character animator

(bg3D) #2

ooo oo ah ah! <monkey noises> grabs a banana and opens Blender
:-? :smiley:
First to reply! Well, on subject, monkeys with bannanas and Yugos!

(theeth) #3

how about a monkey juggling with keys of different size and shape?

PS: heck, I should know better, I’m a forum monkey :wink:

(Bapsis) #4

Hey guyz,

MonkeyFramers 'eh??? Here’z what i see…

…a stoney brick wall with a pair of iron prison bars, and behind those bars is a monkey, dressed in the old black and white striped prision uniforms, gripping the bars. At the top of the graphic would be the text, probably a funky cartoonish “MonkeyFramers”, and possibly a quote from the monkey saying something like “I was framed!!!”

Whaddaya think?


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(tedi) #5

why not use 2.25 Publisher’s monkey: <add/mesh/monkey>. This should be the most appropriate solution (blender’s evolutionary way towards Poser). 8)

(LohnS) #6

Bapsis: lol thats the coolest and funniest idea, man we have got to have the framed monkey in there =D

(tedi) #7


here’s a simple mesh without arms, feet and tail and no armature. do it yourself if you like. 8)

(Hos) #8

Here are some of the best suggestions I have heard
in #blenderchar:

  1. A monkey holding a film strip and looking quizzically
    at it.

  2. a monkey in a filmstrip swinging from tree to tree
    to land on a winning pedestal on the last frame.

  3. 3 monkeys fighting for a prize

  4. a portrait of SkyWriter


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(tedi) #10

and where is Luke Skymonker? :o