Logo Job


Serious anyone interested.

Im not sure yet but i might model multiples and give you a choce of wich one you would like to buy.

Hungry you might be, but you need to learn a thimbleful about selling… :rolleyes:

sorry darkscar, but i made and animated my logo yesterday!

Hi darkscar, it might be helpful if you had a few references to show. I wish you the best of luck with your logos!

i would try posting this on http://www.3dm3.com/forum/employment/

good luck

Ok im working on a site to move this to thanks guys ill get reference as soon as possible

Heres my first example logo use if you want just dont claim as yours( blender logo still is a trademark of blender 3d): http://img516.imageshack.us/img516/2845/grdblendergv5.jpg

Zoom in to not have choppy edges

Heres the second:

Heres third not exactly goo just got bored then animated with gimp simple though:

Notes: On ubuntu symbol i had a problem with triangles. When i added color for some odd reason it mad the shade dark in some areas. Im sure you can still see it in image. I thought it kinda fit so i left it

Any suggestions for more demo logos

When i work on the logos for customers they will be more elaborate i just did these to give examples.
Thanks again guys.

Few suggestions; Don’t show your inferior work and promise that ‘finished work will be better’. That doesn’t impress anyone.
Secondly, maybe think about getting a website together to show examples of your work rather than trying to flog them over a forum where most people are more than capable of putting something together themselves-if they need it at all.

Good luck though!

Like ive said im working on the site its just that lots of holiday stuff is going on

Bargain Basement Logos… Interesting…

Here is some advice.

Professional logos are done with a Vector program like Adobe Illustrator. Lets face it Illustrator is the only one any company would take serious. “well inkscape works” No, it does not. The reason you use Vector art for logos is so you can scale it, re color it, and convert it. Many more reasons but these are the most important. With Jpgs. you get more and more pixelated as you scale up. Its also very hard to re color or change the back ground since jpgs do not have transparent features. Converting a jpg to something else usually results in loss of quality also. Blender is a great tool. Its good for turning logos in 3d. not creating them. Any company for 5.50 or 300 or even 2,000 dollars will need a vectorized logo for any kind of production. Be it websites, tshirts or even coffee mugs. I can tell you now that no one is going to pay $5.50 for a design, just on the fact that they know they will be getting crap. I charge $1,000 for a company logo, and that is CHEAP! The only one I ever made money off of was a conversion of a jpeg scan to illustrator, and for that I made 200 bucks. I didn’t even have to design it, just clean it up.

I applaud your effort yet I cant praise you for your try. There are 1,000’s of freelance artists out there who depend on the this kind of work and your attempt here is really quite funny to them. Please do not sell your self cheap, if you know your not worth $1,000 then don’t sell yourself for $5.50. Its an insult.

Also, if your too cheap, you could do the best work and people still won’t take you seriously. When I started doing sites, I’d do a full site for around $200, never got any work. Now, I start at around $600 to 700 and I seem to get more work.

Thank you all ill work on different logos etc

Thank you i guess i wont be as chep for my work maybe 3d logo making is fun for concepts and ill try following your vector advise


Ive always thought people ould lik it better cheap

to everyone else id be glad to know how to lock your own topic. I will make site and add reference photos that are not jpg. Oh and is there a way to digitaly signature your work so there is no theft.

here were some very interesting aspects about marketing yourself as an artist :slight_smile: nice thread :slight_smile:

thank the ones who gave posts about money wise stuff like nfoll and enriq

Yet another logo job question when making logos for someone. Should they be ones that are large with background. And is 200 the lowest you should go if you just want to make a few bucks.

Any good sites to advertise for a logo job.

Heres another logo with a random name i made up. Most of this was done in gimp. Coffee cup modeled in blender.


People associate cost with quality. Very important to learn, that :slight_smile:

And remember - spelling on a logo / sign can be a big issue too :wink: ( dont worry I’ve spelled something wrong myself before on a graphic)
http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/8279/contcofcompletejj2.jpg > Coffee not Cofee