Logo Tracer: Create Mesh / Curve objects from an image

Hi everyone,

I have just released a new addon called Logo Tracer. It automatically generates a Mesh or Curve object from a simple image. No external SVG files required!

This can be super useful if you are given a logo from a client who wishes to see it in 3D or if you want to convert an existing shape from an image to a curve / mesh like a neon sign!

Here are some of the features:

  • Super Simple Workflow
  • Completely Dynamic, all parameters can be edited in real-time.
  • Build-in Optimization
  • Alpha Supported with Automatic UV’s

Here are some results after 2 minutes:

Included is a pdf manual going over all the different fields.

BlenderMarket ($1): https://blendermarket.com/products/logo-tracer
Gumroad (Free): https://gum.co/pEijP

Enjoy :smiley:


Hi Thatimster,

I’ve tried your addon against some b/w ornament alphas and your addon doesn’t seem to work well for them. Perhaps, it’s my settings but I’ve tried a bunch of different combos. Leafig addon seems to be giving you some serious competition there.

Is there recommended settings I should use for these types of images like those found in this collection? See https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/ld9j/500-ornament-alphas-largest-ornament-library-17k-resolution

Hi Paul,

Logo Tracer basically works like this:

  • It adds a subdivided plane using the given image as displacement
  • Then a second plane is used with a boolean option to slice a sample from this displacement

The problem here is that the subdivided plane (when set to high) only goes up to 4 subdivisions and with incredibly detailed imagery there isn’t enough vertices available to sample the image correctly. Therefore you would need to select the hidden displacement object after generation and increase the subdivisions further to the desired amount. That being said this will have huge impacts on performance so I would keep that in mind.

Regarding Leafig giving me “serious competition”, this is a paid addon for 15 EUR ($17.50 USD) and Logo Tracer is 100% Free. I would hope Leafig does a better job, otherwise you are paying for nothing.