Logo work , text

I like these fonts, :smiley:

latest attempt

just some helpful advice, try not to make what you want to sell.
try and make what a customer will want to buy?

if you owned a company, what industry would it be in, how much money would they have to spend on logos, would you be happy to see any of these logos representing your business?

I like โ€œcandyโ€ looking letters for some things, sharp and shiny for others,

itโ€™s really just some tests :smiley:

these are about 15 minutes worth of work

I can also do pretty neat little geometric structure things, that make good icon/symbol art to be mixed with text,
I will do a full logo today when I get a minute,

FiTorce international


FiTorce 2 Quick Gimp Filter edge, copy invert mix thing

definitly look cool though dude :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: !