I’ve done a logo. Can anyone guess what logo this is? C&c is welcome.
http://img187.imageshack.us/img187/6121/caimanlogo25vc.th.jpg http://img304.imageshack.us/img304/2397/caimanlogo11fn.th.jpg

dunno what it is, but you’ve got some ugly triangles in there, any hope for a .blend file?

Other than that, it’s pretty awesome, especially the dragon

i would say it’s more of a dinosaur ^_^. but something looks strange there too with the mesh. what if the head rests on the smiley? just a though. and i have no idea what it is but it’s nice. :slight_smile:

Caiman is a Spanish term for “alligator” or any crocodilian
crocodilus means “a crocodile” (Latin)

Reminds me of the FireFox logo…except using a Dinosaur ^-^.

Hazza had right it is the caiman logo. Do anyone know how to make the bad triangle under the arm disappear? I am making an animation where it turns 180 degress. Do anyone know if it’s possible to convert the animation to .gif?

upload it here


and I’ll check it out

So now I uploaded him. http://blender.isoserv.com/uploads/Caiman.blend
http://blender.isoserv.com/uploads/Caiman.blend1. I done an animation now and I still wonder how to convert it to gif. How?

Render the animation as targa, jpeg or png imageS and then use just about any 2D application to turn it into a gif I suppose.

I want to turn the animation to gif is that possible the Mr Muscly said. Ain’t that just for still renders?

You would have to export them as jpgs, then convert them to .gif using a 2d app. Then you need to find a gif animator, It’s really hard to find a good free app, but here’s one even though it’s really old (I’m assuming Windows) http://www.jhepple.com/gif_animator.htm

Also I remember reading somewhere that the Gimp can do this using layers or the GAP

If you want to use it in a website i wouldn’t use gif if i was you, because for any thing that uses shaded colour it looks crap. If you want to use it in a web page use S.U.P.E.R to convert it to flash http://www.soft32.com/download_121313.html. If you insist on using gif i’ve got a program i don’t think is on the intenet any more, but ill e-mail it you if you want. Btw nice logo, i like it, its sorta cute :smiley:

i like the logo… but the dinosaur should be resting on the smiley and sleeping contently… IMO.

Yes I think he should rest too. But I wanna stick to the original concept as much as it is possible. This is the site where they have the logo I used http://www.caimen.be/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=480 it’s in the middle of the page. The SUPER program download link don’t work.

Is that dino croc thingy raping that poor antenna ball!!!


Oh yes. He is a little pervert.