Lois van Baarle, 1 million

Personal project based on Lois van Baarle Illustration. Done in Blender, real-time rendering with EEVEE. Check out my Instagram (@igorkeki) or Artstation Page for turntable.

Free Wallpaper 1920x1080:


Original Illustration:


Awesome work! Tip: add your Instagram handle to your BA profile in case we feature you :slight_smile:

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Thank You so much, Bart.

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Wow, awesome indeed. Though I’m a bit disappointed there’s no lower half (as it seems to suggest it’s a pirouetting* ballerina, after all).

greetings, Kologe

*if that is even a word at all

I didn’t even think of lower half of a body, but it would be interesting to see indeed. Maybe she is just a casual girl daydreaming, sitting in garden chair, wearing shorts and Crocs slippers :grin:

I’m sitting here, still dreaming to get to this level. Your art looks awesome

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There are multiple factors that get me here, first was decisions to see how good I can be if I focus only on a single path - digital characters. I always trying to raise a bar just a little bit and thinking about what can be done better and faster. And I can see in front of me a lot of artists so much skilled then me, and it motivates me to do better in the future.

Wow !!! :star_struck:
I like it !!! : :heart_eyes:
A M A Z I N G !!! : :laughing:

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Cool, thanks :smiley:

Yes, this occured to me either, though maybe rather lying stetched out on an invisible floor. At least if I was daydreaming sitting in a chair, I’d opt for a more relaxed pose. Also my telekinesis wouldn’t be quite strong enough to make my hair float, I fear.
(It’s not like I’m trying to argue about this, though, just some thoughts, why it first and foremost reads ‘ballerina’ and ‘pirouette’ to me.)

greetings, Kologe

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There is some beauty in this illustration because some stories are lefted untold. But pose does resemble to a figure laying down on the floor.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Cool, thank You so much, Bart :smiley:

How did you do the hair?

I used technique learned from Danny Mac video tutorials from YouTube. Curves with profile from another diamond shaped curve. I’m also having shader with procedural vertical lines for normal map to have fine hairs on larger shapes.

That’s a really cool recreation! I especially enjoy that it’s real-time.

But I usually don’t comment unless I notice something.
Now, you don’t need to listen to me as I never finished an artwork with that quality, but the thing I noticed was that her hands seem a little bulky and harshly detailed for her build compared to the rest of her skin and proportions, in particular the fingers and the wrinkles on her inner hand.

But it’s a great piece, made it to my reference folder :+1:

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Hands are quite strong and manly, not cute and gentle. I transfer that concept from original illustration, because I like possible reading of this illustration, a story about gentle young woman which is creative with hands, hardworking, independent and strong.

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Great work, congrats.

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Thanks, I appreciate it :smiley:

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Great job, I like the 3D art work from illustration.