Lokken, Necromancer of Taros - TA: K fanart


Finished another monarch. This time it’s Lokken, the fire mage necromancer.

All done and rendered in Blender, post processing and texturing in Photoshop.

ArtStation link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4KZWk

With a bit more post-processing:

Raw-ish render:

AO for the curious:

Amazing warlock clothing. Really amazing. To bad it is quite boring to look at. A pose and interesting lightning would make this even more awesome. I did a color testing thing to show maybe an idea how I was thinking:


I see your point. While my intention was to keep the gloom of the image with less saturated colors, it ended up too raw and dark.

In the end I tuned the post processing down to a point it ceased being noticeable in the final version, now looking into it with rested eyes I can see it, so I rolled back and I actually think it ended up better:

Thanks for the feedback!