Lonely drummer

Video of Blender Eevee running in realtime, with the programme handling everything including volumetrics and audio. video captured using the built in Windows 10 video capture feature (hence quality not the greatest), but good enough to show what eevee can do.

the main thing I’m working on here is an animated drummer using a simple armature that I can use in order to make backgrounds for greenscreen music videos, the animation is keyframed, which is the hardest part, but as I build up a library of poses, they should be usable on any track. Also, as long as I use the same armature, I can change the appearance of the drummer to anything I like, which could be fun.

Here is a rendered version of the above. Normally I would not do a single render of this length, and I am unlikely to need to in future, but with eevee at the default settings of 64 samples, each frame rendered in about 3 seconds, so total render time was a couple of hours (Rather than days if i had used cycles).

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You know I can now animate live from midi or from a midi file using Animation Nodes, would this help you rather than keyframing everything?

Nice work!

Cheers, Clock :mantelpiece_clock:

An interesting question, I see what you’re doing and it works. The Drum track of course is a MIDI file, on the other hand the key framing is not as onerous as you would think especially as it is unlikely that I’ll be doing anything quite as long as this. (probably no more than 500 frames in one go). Mind you I’m certainly not averse to trying something new so perhaps I could try out your system, It could speed up things a lot and I could do with a faster workflow. I’d also be doing something different and learning something new!

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Here is the current state of our work with live MIDI: We're In The MIDI & Audio Real-Time!

Reading MIDI files is documented on my web pages at https://clockmender.uk under the Animation Nodes bit. I have improved things since I last uploaded to my GitHub, so if you can wait until I get home mid February, I can upload latest versions of my nodes. I am doing all this posting from my phone and a pain in the ass it can be to add links and references. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I like what you have done here, keep up the good work!

Cheers, Clock :mantelpiece_clock:


It would be interesting to see if we can record live midi to play as an animation, but no real idea how to do that yet…