Link: http://img421.imageshack.us/img421/7834/lonely960x1280ia5.png

1hour project for the WC. The tree is made using arbaro

Very nice. The tree is impressive, but the colour of the bark looks a little off; a bit too bright and vibrant for a real tree, especially in a desert.

>>Paul J : Thanks, now that you mention the color of the bark, it is a bit off for the tree but actualy when I started of, I knew a tree like that could not possibly grow on a dune like that (as they are always moving with the wind and because there’s no soil nor water). I’m was not striving for realism but the theme of loneliness of this weekend’s challenge

Someone asked me how I made the dunes so I decided to share the technique with you guys who might be curious :slight_smile:
I based my dunes on a real picture I found on google so I had a good idea of what my goal was. A smooth “wave” like dune with a very sharp crest.
So here are the major steps i did
1)Add a plane, subdivide it a few times (5 or 6 or more )
2)Activite the proportional editing. Select smooth
3)Start selecting individual vertices and move them up as to create the general shape of the dune. Select a wide circle to drag large amounts of vertices until you have the general shape
4)select the sharp mode and select straigh lines of vertices ( in this case I selected a T acros my plane) raise those vertices a bit until you have a rather sharp crest
5)Add subsurf and smooth. To sharpen the crest, add edgeloops near the crests and bring them close to the crest. You will end up with a sharp crest and smooth flowing dunes
6) apply a simple material and voila