Long Finger Nails Tutorial

I was trying to figure out how to model a hand with long fingernails.

I looked at this topic: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=51243&highlight=fingernails, but the technique shown here wasn’t suitable for doing long fingernails, so I spent some time pondering how to model long fingernails on a hand.

I started with a hand modelled like the one in that thread.


I then pressed the “K” key for the "knife tool and selected “Loop Cut” to put a loop half-way through the hand from the side.


Then I went into the top view and selected the vertices for the thumb and the part of the hand that the thumb was connected to.


I then placed a knife loop cut through the thumb area.


I then went into “face” selection mode and selected the faces that are going to be used for the fingernails and pressed “E” for extrude and selected “Extrude Region”


Then I scaled the faces accordingly.


I then selected the faces for the fingernails and selected “Extrude Region” again.


Then I moved the top face of the fingernails downward a little bit using the transform gizmo.


Now, I then lengthened the fingernails using extrude again on the forward-facing faces. I also scaled the ends down a little but using the scale gizmo for each face one at a time.


I selected the top faces of the fingernail and extruded them and scaled them down a bit to give them a bit of a curve at the top.


Then I selected the end faces of the fingernails and moved them down using the transform gizmo to give them a little downard curve.


The same procedures were used to do the fingernail for the thumb.


Here’s the hand with the finished fingernails. I know the hand itself isn’t quite right yet. The hand needs some more editing to make it more anatomically correct.


I hope this tutorial is helpful to someone. :slight_smile:

So how is this tutorial? I haven’t heard any feedback yet.

This is the first tutorial that I’ve posted here.

I thinkt that you whould start out with a better hand. Your hand looks very cubic.

While I wouldn’t put it that… directly, I do agree that the hand in your tutorial is much too boxy. But the method you use to make the nails gives you a really nice result.


maybe it’s not important for you or for others, but the thumb it’s in a
23 century evolution position :slight_smile:

Wow! Thank you! I have been wondering how to get fingernails to look ok for a little while. This technique will definetely come in handy! =-)


Better? :slight_smile:


yes better…and thank you for the tute.