Long-Term Environment Modeler for Stylized Feature Film (PAID WORK)

Hi! I’m looking for a fairly long-term environment modeler to create the worlds for my new feature film, A’Taka. For reference, here’s the first look of it:

We will work together to produce around 30-35 sets over the next year or so. These sets will range from fairly full cities (there are only 2 of these) to just regular hillsides.

I will give you detailed instructions on the world, using both descriptions and 3D Layout videos to show you. We’ll also use some addons like the Lightning Boy Shader for shading, and the Scatter addon for trees, grass and other nature to make it a lot easier to make forests/nature environments. (Knowing how these addons work is not a requirement for the job-- they’re both pretty easy to learn!)

As this is a fairly low budget project, I’m looking for someone who’s talented, but still working at an amateur level. Ideally, it would be someone who’s looking for experience in the field while also making a significant amount of money.

Payment for each set would range from $50 for VERY simple sets up to around $250 for more complicated sets. (I think the total between all of the sets would be around $5000, but that will probably vary a bit).

I usually will issue payment via PayPal and communicate via Discord.

If you’re interested, please send over your work! The worlds are stylized but if you’re a photoreal-based artist willing to learn a different style, that’s fine too. I can’t wait to talk with you and hopefully work with you!



The position has been filled. Thanks so much for your submissions!