Long-Term Environment Modeler for Stylized Feature Film (PAID WORK)

Hi! I’m looking for a fairly long-term environment modeler to create the worlds for my new animated feature film, A’Taka.

I’m Jack Buckley, the director/writer of this film. We just finished up a successful Kickstarter campaign for the last 15% of our funding and now we are in full production. For more info on that, go to atakamovie.com :slight_smile:

This is the second posting for this position as we hired applicants a few months ago, but are now looking to expand our team. We are looking for both indoor and outdoor modelers, and we are using a lot of stylized techniques and shaders to bring the film to life.

Out of the inital 43 sets of the film, we’ve got 27 to go, covering a wide range of locations that you will be able to allow your creativity to shine on. We’re trying to channel some Studio Ghibli energy with these sets, and with your help we can bring them to life.

Here’s just a few examples of the sets we’ve done already *(not post processed, there is an additional layer of stylization we add in post to make it look extra cool-- but you can clearly see the stylized texture work and lighting in some of these :D)


  • A solid payout (Averaging around $225 per set-- varying based on location.)

  • A credit on a full-length feature film

  • Experience with stylized world development and texture work.

  • A creative playground where you will be able to work with me to not exclusively carry out my vision, but be able to explore what you find is cool and develop it within the bounds of the story.

  • A fairly light schedule with room to grow-- we are asking our modelers to take 2 weeks per set at max, however we have had some who have knocked out sets in 2-3 days. If you are on the latter side of that, it’s welcome! As long as the work is coming out at the proper quality, you’ll almost always have the ability to take more on as you wish.

I will direct you with both 3D layout videos (made in VR) and reference images. We will use the Lightning Boy Shader, which I will provide to you, as well as the Scatter addon for outdoor modelers. (Knowing how these addons work is not a requirement for the job-- they’re both pretty easy to learn! One of my modelers also has put together a quick-tip sheet on using LBS.)

As this is a fairly low budget project, I’m realistically looking for someone who’s talented, but still working at an amateur level. Ideally, it would be someone who’s looking for experience in the field or exploring stylization while also making a significant amount of money.

I will issue payment via PayPal and communicate via Discord. We are currently hiring for two positions. (Preferably one primarily-outdoor modeler and one primarily-indoor modeler. If you’re both-- that’s fine too.)

If you’re interested, please send over your past work! The worlds are stylized but if you’re a photoreal-based artist willing to learn a different style, that’s fine too. I can’t wait to talk with you and hopefully work with you!



Hey everybody!

The response to this job posting has been monumental! In just the last 3 days, I have received nearly 40 submissions from talented artists across the globe.

That said, I have hired 3 applicants which will eventually boil down to 2-3 final positions. If I haven’t sent you a message alerting you of this, then, for now, you haven’t been chosen. Again, there were so many submissions this time that I had to pass over a good bit of talented artists! For those that were chosen, a follow up message will be sent shortly.

If you are passionate about working on this project in some capacity, though, and you believe you have value in another area of the animated film process (not world/character modeling), you may submit a note through atakamovie.com with alternate talents apart from world and character modeling, such as animation, and I will take a look. Only serious applications with past work included will be recognized.

I will also release a formal job listing for animators in the coming months-- so you can also just follow me here instead of sending an animator post thru my site.

Thank you all for your support and submissions, and thank you to BlenderArtists for their amazing platform.

– Jack


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