Long time editor / mograph artist learning Blender. Tutorial question.

As an editor / motion graphics person for many years Ive decided to add Blender into my tool chest. I am currently going thru the dvd “Blender Inside Out” and am on Chapter 3.

I find its detailed listing of all functions very thorough. But I find the need to also learn to use these functions in a project tutorial environment. Does this dvd also have that kind of tutorial later on the disk? Or should I start searching for beginner tutorials online? If so any suggestions as to good project oriented tuts? BTW I already did the Quickstart series at this site.

I’m not sure on the DVD. 3DBuzz has a pretty good beginner set you can try. Does basic interface to a modeled and textured character. Here’s a general list of popular Blender tutorial sites too:


Thanks xg!

The 3D Buzz beginner link you gave me is pretty redundant of the Blender Inside Out approach of listing controls. I see they do have project based tutorials that you must purchse. I appreciate the list you provided and in my researching have checked them out. I was hoping for a bit more specific response, but I will see what I can dig up with what you have procided me. I do appreciate it.

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What do you want and need to learn?
Answering this based on current info would mean a huge post covering every angle from which an editor/mograph artist might approach Blender. If you narrow it down, you can probably get better responses both as resource-links and tips based on similar getting-into-Blender scenarios.

As an experienced editor/mograph artist, I don’t think you’ll have trouble diving into intermediate tutorials… you obviously have a huge advantage compared to true beginners. Just remember there may be subtle changes if you’re not using the same version number. Free-and-open/community based concepts aside, the fact that there’s no definitive Blender 2013 or CS6 makes for a quite different tutorial ecology.

True, this request is rather broad. Im really just interested in all the basic functions involved in creating, texturing and animating. Hands on, project oriented tutorials seem more helpful then the ones like “Inside Out” that list all the functions the software does, item by item.

I did try a tutorial about making a coffee cup, but found the lack of explanation for EVERY step taken and the foreign accent just made it a very frustrating experience.

I would disagree about there not being a definitive version of CS6 or Blender. I stay current will all my tools, so to me the definitive one is the most recent release :smiley:

Just found one on making a watch. Its text instead of video so steps are clear and concise. This is what I have been looking for.