long water simulation can i save stop and continue later ? (and update my blender)

Well this weekend i started a long render of a water simulation.
Its a bit huge as i wanted to simulate a waterfall, and if it works nice i even would scale it up, a next time i think.
But the problem is i use an 8 core 2.33 ghz pentium with 12 Gig ram, but still baking this simulation is only halfway after 3 days, of continuous calculating…

So now i wonder, is it possible to pause save a current water simulation.
So i can use my machine for some other work, and continue later with this simulation.
And perhaps meanwhile upgrade blender to the latest preview build.
As I would like to create some new cycles water for my simulation.

Also in the end when this is ready, would a saved blender file contain the water simulation, or should i bake it again if i started another project ?.