Loo Ziahn

Hey all,
As I was looking for an original idea for the WC, I came up thinking I would combine the WC and the Suzanne award. So I worked on it saturday and sunday all day long. I finished it on saturday at 8:45pm.

Here it is

The modelling took me 1 day and the lighting and texturing took me an other long day. Render time: 35 minutes.
I hope you like it.
C&C are welcome even though I won’t probably change anything to it. Not that I think it’s perfect, it’s just I had enough :slight_smile:

awesome work dude. great character modelling, and really nice brass texture too. the tree texture is also good.

The idea is definately very original. :smiley: I like it.

The thing that irked me was that his eye appears to be awkwardly sunken in a bit. Other than that, great work!

awesome dude! really love it :smiley:

Very nice work on the textures and character model. :smiley:


Great work. I really like the style. It’s nice to I see something I’ve never seen before :smiley:

Haha, the picture made me laugh a bit and I don’t know why :-?. But in a good way of course.
It’s very realistic and has a very good atmosphere. Only thing I have a problem with is that I don’t see exactly what his device is attached to. It looks like it’s attached to the back tree but correct me if I’m wrong…