Look at my knight.

I made this model when watching Shrek. I made it during two days. And two days I wasted to model a head. I almost finished the armature to it and I plan to make a animation with it. So look at this.


And I also made a battle-axe for him. Here it is:


So I wait your comments.

It looks very well done. The face looks like it belongs in shrek but hte armor texture needs some work. Looks great otherwise. Can’t Wait to see the animation

Modelling is awful and the texture is horrible. Just look at this model - it reminds drawings of small child made in 3d…

I just want you to know that you are an @55hole, and you shouldn’t have posted. Excuse my french, but those type of people can get on my nerves. I think they should be raped by a donkey :<

Ok, I think the model could use some work. The textures could use some tweaking, and you could add more details to the armor. I think its a good start but it needs work. His feet could be a bit wider, and I think the top half of his arms could be longer. And I don’t think that his arms attach right to his body.

Great start, keep it up :wink:

jerkoff wrote

Modelling is awful and the texture is horrible. Just look at this model - it reminds drawings of small child made in 3d…

…apologise,…now. :<
of course i cannot make you apologise, if you want to commit social suicide here, that’s one of your options too.

This is a very good model. keep up the good work!

Modelling is awful and the texture is horrible. Just look at this model - it reminds drawings of small child made in 3d…

Silence you manchild! Excuse yourself or I’ll chop off your head. But really, you are a jerk.

The model looks very good so far! Much better them my first works. :stuck_out_tongue:

The textures though really need some work. I’d use some bump maps and make it maybe more rusty. The battle axe is good, but it needs to be sharper, so we can have a feeling of sharp steel, the same goes to the wooden handle, you need better textures. Did you try rendering with AO by the way?

Other then that, great job! Keep us posted!


for heavens sake PEOPLE!!! I’ve just posted my real feelings about this work and everyone is going down on me! Now just look at it - I don’t mean to hurt your feelings [email protected]@r but it really sucks in my opinion. I don’t get why everyone around here on Elysiun gets excited about almost every piece of 3d crap that is posted and signed “Made in Blender”?.
Ataryu - what get’s you angry about me? That I am honest and I won’t cheat the guy posting poor pic. Why I don’t like It so much? When I look at this pic I can see only a couple of polys assembled together in something that reminds a flying knight. There’s no enviroment, no floor, no background. There’s no composition and no story in this picture. Ok, you can say that it’s made just to present the model, but if you want me to post that I like it then it’s got to be a good model, that can suprise you with a details, an idea or with texturing. This knight doesn’t meet any of my personal values so I’ve posted that I don’t like it. Now I know what you will say: “So you think that you are such a smartass making the best Blender models in the world”. Well I’m not, in my opinion I’m not even average and I still have to learn a lot of things about 3d.

Ataryu - you could save this knight by fixing proportions and setting him in some interesting pose.

well, people have been yelling for hard crits, but i think hard crits should also be constructive. Saying it like Kroopson said it is just plain silly, he might just as well had added “and you mother is ugly” at the end.

but i do agree, that textures need work, much work, As does the model. it’s propotions are still bit off, even for a cartoon character.

I’d try to add some more different sized cloud textures on armor itself. That’s about it.

Well, I agree, the model would be awfull if it was meant to be in a professional 3d artist’s portfolio. Obviously, a newbie can’t do something right away that will make your jaws drop. However the same newbie might do that in 2 years, but he will not if you destroy his desire to create by stating your opinion that way.
Ah no! young blade! That was a trifle short!
You might have said at least a hundred things
By varying the tone. . .like this, suppose,. . .
( examples given above )

every beginer’s first work is crap compared to cg professionals, but no, this work is not crap at all compared to newbie standards. How did you start? By a sphere on a plane? Was your first work better?
Was the second? Did you show your first work?
If all of these are yes, than you’re a lucky fellow, but that’s all. I hope we’ll see this guy making a knight in 2 years and we’ll see how it compares.

I think its very good for a beginner, you cant compare it to a professional. Keep up the good work m8!

ok kroopson, so maybe you have a point about some people here going “whoopee!” over every piece of work. don’t forget, this is a first-time work. CG is not always easy, especially for people just starting (I certainly don’t pretend my stuff is all that great, and i’ve been doing it for years before blender. but whatever, it’s a hobby that i enjoy) But rather than just shitting all over it, try to say something constructive. suggest what needs work. maybe say “textures could be improved, try $SOMETHING, $SOMETHING_ELSE, $ETC,…”, if you know some way to help.

I for one would like to see a render from the side. it looks kind of flat to me in the current camera shot. textures and materials are not that bad, IMO, at least in the current set up. if a more complete environment were added, they may need work. the proportions of the legs look WAAAY off to me.
the feet and ankles are narrow. You may want to try using a reference image of a person in a suit of armour to get a feel. One way to do this in blender is to set the reference image to be the background image of the working window. There’s a way to do it, but I forget how (it’s not a trick I normally use, but many others say it’s useful)
The face looks alright, from what I can see. I have never been able to get human forms right! good job on that! :wink:
I’m not sure what style you’re going after. If it’s a cartoony look, you’ve got the right general idea.
You’ve made a very good start in blender. much better than mine was!

for the battle-axe:
good start. i can see there are soem angles on the edge (not quite sure how to describe it). I usually would start something like that with a circle, or half circle. It looks like you tried to model the edge of the axe one vertex at a time.
I would try to make a half circle, then extrude it. It might give better results. Hmmm… maybe I should write a tutorial…

ok - maybe I was a little bit too harsh for [email protected]@r, but you won’t disagree that this forum still a place where you can post anything, and get a good critics. What about this opinion:

It looks very well done. The face looks like it belongs in shrek but hte armor texture needs some work. Looks great otherwise. Can’t Wait to see the animation

Is it constructive, does it say anything about that how to develop your skills? I’m the bad guy because I said wrong about this model in the same way as Ic3cold glorified it.

Ok - end of discussion, if you want we can start the new thread because it’s getting off-topic for this one. Here’s my constructive critics for [email protected]@r (sorry for beeing such an assh0le for you, you acctually made nothing wrong so I’m sorry).

First of all - the model is too stiff and flat. He has no ankles and the neck is modelled pretty weird way. Try painting some textures instead of using procedural cloud. His hands would be ok if you bend the fingers a little, no man ever keeps them so straight. His shoulders are a disaster - imagine how can he move his arms? His shoulders are not even attached to the body. This are just a technical errors, there’s no point to talk about aesthetic in this pictures.

Your post was not needed. It doesn’t matter if the peice sucked ass or not. You don’t shit on the work, especially without leaving something they can learn from. All it does is un motivate the person and lowers their self confidence. You can be truthful, but use common sense when leaving a message.There is nothing you can say to justify your post. It was wrong.


yes, that opinion was constructive, it builds self-confidence, and that is all a beginner needs, since he can’t have nothing else right away, only that. The rest he needs to learn in time. So yes, that post would have helped, even tho I’m not into the let’s praise everything business, so suggestions are much better, but still it’s better to say hey, that’s nice, than whoo, it sucks.
BTW the face does look good. :slight_smile:

Well, kroopson I am a beginner myself and in my eyes right now it looks pretty good. I think that the face is pretty good but the armor needs some work. I also said the the texture needs some work.

my thoughts:
it is quite boring viewing most posts that soap the eyes of thread author. “nice”, “awesome”, “great”. Why You are not honest? Or You have so tight horizons, and You really think that. There is a few artist on this forum that I esteem very, very much. But still this forum, as the biggest about blender, isn’t so professional in my eyes. It’s really hard to get some critics from You.

You blame everyone who’s honest. Kroopson have not offenced anyone. He have not broken any of the forum rights. He just said what he thinks. I didn’t know that it’s forbidden. It’s 21th century folks…

I dont want to offence anybody. But I know that now I lost in Your eyes. And I losted all the esteem (if anybody ever esteemed me here).

regards, neos

Blowing smoke up someone’s ass is useless. “Wow! Great cube! How artistic that you decided not to render it, instead you took a screenshot of the workspace!”

Equally useless it bashing the hell out of something without useful crits. “I’d rather stare at my grandmother’s behind! It looks awful! Go die!”

Perhaps we can learn to achieve a happy medium. “While I’d rather stare at my grandmother’s behind and I think it looks awful and you should die, you should also do things one, two, three, and nine.”

Just kidding.

Try to give crits without discouraging the poor sucker. “Um. Right. Keep at it. Why don’t you follow this list of suggestions?”

Some works, even tough they might not be technically the most skilfull display of CGI, may be descriped as nice, or even great, if the maker of those scenes has succesfully acomplished something in his/hers scene.

might be lighting, materials, or over all mood of the scene. Might even be the idea od piece. The model, important that it is, is not always everything in scene. people do seek different things from art.

Well, kroopson was honest, but he was pretty brute with his honesty. People took offense of his rudeness. Afterall, this was first scene of [email protected]@r. And it does show potential when you look at it.

If Kroopson would have placed his words little differently, this whole debate would have left unspoken, or written in this case.

You don’t go in kindergarden and start bashing childrens drawings just because they are not techinally in the same state you are in, do you?

I doubt you offend anyone, you just stated your opinion. It is true, that people are always asking for hard crit forum. So where I am standing things are just peachy. :smiley:

Here are two opposite comments:

“Awesome, great lighting and modeling” (most comments in here are like that)

“Piece of shit, horrible lighting and modeling”

When You first look at them. The difference is basic. But, imho both are useless. First only deepens the author in his glory. Second one wash Your head and You know that there are people that dislike your art, and you need to work on it more.

Sometimes occurs really great works when You don’t see any mistakes. Then is nothing wrong to post comment like the first one. But here (in whole forum) are a lot of poor arts whit all comments like that.