look at the sky!

(Enjay) #1

Yeah, i searched everywhere but i cant seem to figure out how to make a sky in my game… i have a picture i want to use and everything, but i dont know how to make a sky.
please help me…

i think i have to use a sky box, but how do i flip the normals to the inside


(facemania) #2

Go to edit mode, and in the buttons windows, go to the edit panel (F9), and select all the vertices. Now click the “Flip Normal” button.


(Enjay) #3

i see, okay then that worked. im using a sky box, but i dont like thoose ugly seams, is ther any other way to make a sky?


(blendenzo) #4

Here is a tutorial written by Social that you can find by searching “skybox” with the forum search tool:


It explains how to eliminate the ugly seams by doing a little image editing in MS Paint.

You can also use a skydome instead of a skybox if you like. There is a tutorial about that here:


I hope you find them useful.


(goldentaiji) #5

I found that by reducing about .5 to 1 pixel at either end works fairly well.

If you’re lazy just use this http://blender3dtutor.com/modules/smartsection/item.php?itemid=10

I scripted a automatic skybox generator (well it just maps the 6 skybox textures automatically to a cube).

It’s pretty specific to how the files should be named however, since it directly follows up from the video tutorial on making the skybox textures from terragen http://blender3dtutor.com/modules/smartsection/item.php?itemid=9.

Also, you’ll need to download a divX plugin to view the video tutorial.

Note: These were video tutorials I meant to post up a long while ago, but didn’t since the site still lacks content.

Jason Lin


(Enjay) #6

thanks for the help, they work great. but i want to know which takes up more memory? a sky box or sky dome?

i dont want the sky to rob all my memory and make the framerate slow down. i want this game to be played by as many users as possible, so i need the one that saves the most space, (but still looks good.)


(Mico27) #7

skybox if you want to use less framerate, skydome for a better look. You choose :smiley:


(blendenzo) #8

You will not lose a noticeable amount of game speed by using a skydome as opposed to a skybox.

In my experience, the real thing that would cause a change of speed would be the texture size. So a skybox and a skydome that use the same size of textures should run at almost identical framerates. Older computers will choke quickly if you use tons of 1024x1024 textures.


(Sim88) #9

remember to turn collision off on the skydome and it won’t eat up much CPU


(ititrx) #10

Hmm, also, you may have to parent the dome to the player/viewer so they cannot walk up to the sun and touch it, lol.

And then you need a way to keep them on the ground plane…not walk off the edge of the world.

You can create a steep hill on the edge they cannot climb, or an invisible plane around the world…with collision set.