Look me in the eyes.... I said in the eyes...

Hi !! This is my last creation, all made in blender cycles and a small attempt of substance painter for the clothes. 600 passes. I hope you will love this bunny waitress. Thanks to Blender Guru for his tutorial on the beer glass. C&C are welcome.

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Here is an other view !!

i dont like it. mistakes like the tablets position ruin the overall look. the eyes look like fake makeup on the closed eyes eyelid and the story it tells is so oldfashioned and boring.

I on the other hand do. From the neck down you have done a good job. There is obvious work on to do on the eyes, all the proportions are wrong, have a look at some ref pics of eyes. The makeup also looks like it has been smeared on.

I would also adjust the tray to be level as a customer is going to get some drinks on his head. :eek:

The eyes, lips, makeup, eyebrows, and, hair need a little bit of work done to make this look better. The makeup looks cheap and tacky. Eyes seem glazed over. The lips are too uniformly sized. they should thin out a little more on the ends. Eyebrows are too thin and patchy and her hairline is really straight.

Other than that, and the tray as mentioned above, it seems pretty good.

Thanks to all for your critics. I had some issues when creating this character and I tried to manage as well as I could. So, I tried to rework on her, here is the result.
So S-Markt your critic is extremely negative, I got the idea: you hate it, it’s your opinion but I think you should try to be more gentle with this lady (Yes it’s oldfashioned, but that was the idea !!!). Speed7 and Nicholas_A said the same things but not so unpleasantly. I’m only human after all as Rag and Bone Man says in his song.
I hope I managed to fix some of the issues. In fact, I made her eyes and lips very big because my purpose wasn’t to create a realistic character and I wanted it like that, even if I’m not an expert about proportions. So I reworked her like you suggested me to. I agree with most of your critics. She’s still not a realistic character but maybe proportions are better now ? I adjusted (as I could) the eyebrows, makeup and the tray too. Cheers.

i cannot say that i hate it, but i see so many well designed parts here like the bottles/glasses, the bar and even the character herself (except from some parts) that i think you can do something more inspired than such a story we have seen so many times before. maybe my comment is a little harsh, but i felt disappointed, when i saw the result.