Looking for 3D animator from India for children rhymes project


Looking for a Blender artist for 3D animation for Children Rhymes project.
Actually Language is Hindi so, Indian Artist is preferable.


PM sent
charles L

Hi Charles, mail Id pls

Maybe you should post it to blender India community

In case you don’t find an Indian artist perhaps a Portuguese one will do :thinking: we have proven to find a way for you in the past hehe.
I’ve send you a PM. Thanks!

Thanks for your suggestion bro,

And where is this community? :slight_smile:

Bom Dia, Amigo…sure, May be in future , can take help from you, Thanks for messaging…:blush:

Is there any way this community can be shifted HERE, because I’m not on FB, and don’t intend to be…? :slight_smile:

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Send me your email address and I will post it to blender India community on your behalf

Sorry? I want to JOIN the community…

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Here’s the link to join discord server of blender community

OK, I’m not even sure what Discord IS, but…it’s wanting me to do various “registration” things :frowning: Anyhow, guess I’ll have to… :frowning:

I’ll see you there, then? :slight_smile:

Hello Santosh,

Would be glad to assist you.
Please connect with me on Skype