Looking for 3d artist and animator for a sci-fi short film “SOUL”


My name is Irya, I’m a film student. Recently, I started working on a sci-fi project titled “Soul.”

A film about a world where the sun is a dying star and humanity is plunged into darkness. As a means for survival, majority of the population have turned themselves into vampirism and lycanthropy. The remaining humans reply on machines knows as Soul Units for protection as they continue trying to live in a broken world. But not everything goes to plan.

Films follows each races as they continue trying to survive and rebuild. This is not a zombie apocalypse or vampires vs lycan. No, this is about individuals and their stories of struggle in a very realistic setting.

For example; take a simple human father wanting his daughter to survive but food and water are limited. In desperate attempt, he injects her with vampirism. Thus ensures her survival without food or water but who’s going to supply her with blood? Her father can only give so much before he’s forced into brutal acts. Dire decisions with character driven stories are the main focus.

I’ve already completed an entire back story and lore, along with a website to help detail everything. Concepts arts and settings have already been layout. Here is some of them:

Recently completed a motion comic short film called “Episode One” which lays the foundation about the world setting and characters. You can watch it here:

How you can help:

I have drawn out a 3min pitch, focusing on a Soul Unit (machine) named Gerald, who begins to recollect his memories and tries to find his daughter. In a train ride, racism between each species shows its ugly head. When push comes to shove, he’s forced into making a dire action.

I’m looking for 3d artist, modeller, animator, environmental artist to bring this pitch to life. Anyone with a taste for sci-fi with a cold setting and hint of thriller/horror will love this project. I have skills in drawing, editing, film making along with help from a few friends for sound and video. I want this to be a community driven project, with anyone with any experience giving their inputs.

What do you get?

I cannot offer money right now, but this is a great opportunity for getting into the film/gaming industry. You can credit this for your portfolio or reel and get some exposure. This project will be used to kick-start, so your name will be credited, possible a paid work.

If you are interested, you can contact me:
Email: [email protected]
Skype: iryaajith

Thanks! :slight_smile: