Looking For 3D Artist For An Indie RTS Game

Hello, I’m looking for a talented 3D artist willing to help with a simple (but addicting) post apocalyptic themed real time strategy game. I’ve good C programming language and OpenGL knowledge; I’m planning to create a crossplatform home made game engine, targeting 2008ish machines. We are going to work on it part time (in our spare time), there are no deadlines but it would be great to come up with a prototype in less than 12 months :slight_smile:

The game is going to consist of two factions. These models are required:

  • 1 (or more if applicable) construction yards per faction
  • about 5 modern looking tanks and 3 aircrafts
  • about 8 or more mutated creatures
  • multiple terrains, trees, foliage and …

These skills are required:

  • familiarity with game model creation workflow
  • ability to create different levels of detail for models (~3 LODs maximum)
  • ability to bake normal/displacement/ambient occlusion maps
  • ability to rigidify models and implement skeletal animations
  • ability to texture models using a physically based shading model


Okay, my dev machine graphics card (4890) has just died and I can’t afford a new one anytime soon; No more adventures for me x(

Okay I’ve got a new GTX 960; we are back to the business :smiley:

Out of curiosity, why would you build your own game engine?

You have brought up a good point. I live in Iran and due to US sanctions we currently don’t have access to the great toolsets and game engines like Unreal Engine 4; with negotiations ending up well it might change though.

I’ve spent the past 5 years studying different topics such as multithreading, SIMD optimizations, and OpenGL. I believe I can do better than multi-purpose game engines and deliver smoother gameplay on low end machines by creating a specialized and efficient game engine. I’ll also consider writing a Vulkan backend whenever the specs and drivers are out.

Anybody? :smiley: