Looking For 3D Character Artist

(iowaqas) #1


I am looking for a character artist for a mobile game project. We only need 1 character modeled, textured and rigged at the moment. The character has steampunk and futuristic elements and since the character will be for a mobile game therefore the model needs to be under a certain polygon count.

I don’t need a lot of details modeled in the character and would like the artist to keep it defined as per the concept art that will be provided.

If you know how to model , texture and rig a 3D character. You can email me at [email protected]
I would like to speak with you to discuss the project and answer any questions you may have. It’s important to sign NDA before starting the project, once everything is agreed from the payment to the delivery of the character then we kick off the project right away.

Thank you,

(Roninfang) #3

sent message and email ^^

(KS) #4

Mail sent along with portfolio.

(DJFS80) #5

Sent you the email

(Danilo Castro) #6

Hello Waqas.
I send an email with some contacts of mine for you. Any questions you can contact me.

Kind Regards
Danilo Castro

(Cjradical) #7


I’m not sure if you found anyone for your project but if you haven’t I’m interested in helping if you still need someone. Here is a link to some of my personal projects, https://linscott87.cgsociety.org/

I can send you my resume and the rest of my portfolio as well.


Christa Linscott