Looking for 3D Generalists / 3D Artists (Character Design, Concept Art & Rigging skills REQUIRED)

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I’m currently looking for a highly skilled 3D artist to join a remote team in providing fully rigged 3D characters. Please send links to your work, so I can see what you can achieve results-wise.

A brief introduction about who I am and what I do. My name is Michael, and for a few years now, I have run multiple online businesses that specialise in creating customised products, Due to the success of those projects, I am starting another website that allows customers to be transformed into their favourite movie poster, which will all be in a 3D Pixar / Disney style regardless of the film.

After doing research, I believe the best way to approach this project is by creating the posters as 3D rigs while continually updating the blend shapes to adapt to the different customer’s features; this would allow for readjusting the rig to match the customers’ profile.

Once the background of the poster is complete, we will always use the same mesh for the heads, through shape keys/blend shapes, with the same UV’s, and tweak the textures and shaders only a little bit each time. The hairs will remain to be still done from scratch each time, but after some characters are complete, it would be possible to re-use some of them as bases.

Using the said method should cut out a lot of time in the 3D process and bring down the costs associated with that, in turn, this will allow us to handle more orders at a faster turnaround and provide the service at a more affordable rate. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and if you think this sounds like a feasible process.
I can email examples of a poster which will be turned into a base model and then available for customers to have their head replace the current image in a Pixar style & I can attach examples od the desired 3D style I would want to be achieved at the end. Unfortunately, I have minimal experience working with 3D & 3D Artists so please excuse my lack of knowledge to the process as I am aware its tricky thing to do.
The core task of this role will be creating the heads provided by customers photos and turning their head into the same style that matches and fits with the selected poster and placing them into the image ready to send as a preview for approval.

Currently, I am still fine-tuning the set rates as I know this is more complex compared to the illustration work we used to do however your input in regards to how much you would likely charge per tasks would be appreciated.
If you have any questions, please let me know, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi Michael,

I am interested in the position and would like to know more. As for a per task rate, that is difficult to say without knowing turnaround times and quality standards. Perhaps hourly rates would be best initially until the process of each task can be further assessed.

That being said, I’d love to put my hat into the mix. I have a fair amount of character experience as well as experience as an art lead which could translate to developing an effective pipeline for client assets and save company resources (time and money) per task and long-term.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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