Looking for 3D modelling artists and animators for short animations for children

Me and a group of colleagues are looking for 3D animators, 3D modelers and texture artists for production of short animations. We are a budding startup in it’s initial stages looking for more members to join us. The story and the scripts for the short films are done and we are looking for people who would help us to bring our vision to life. We focus on teaching children the importance of mental health in a structured approach.

If you feel like you are someone who could help us volunteer your skills in our initiative don’t hesitate to contact us! At first the work will be unpaid however if you stick with us you will be a part of our founders team. You will get more information once you contact us.

Hi there guys, i’d love to help you out with those models and maybe some simple animation.


Hi! I have sent you a private message, please check it. I am interested in making 3D models and/ or texture them. If for some reason you cannot access my private message please reply here and I will contact you by email or by any other means of your preference.


Hello Fidel, thank you for reaching out to us. Please send us a simple “Hello” at [email protected] and we can discuss further about the work.