Looking for 3D printing expert(s)

I’m working on a project to make a very easy 3D printing workflow. Starting with a CAD model and ending up with a watertight printeable .STL file, ready to be printed.

I have a first test project of a house and I’m looking for 3D artists that can create a printeable file from it.

The input files are 2 .DWG files of a house (bottom and top floors), you should figure out a way to get them into Blender, clean the meshes, and export them to .STL.

If you have experience with 3D printing using Blender and you’d like to give it a shot, please email me at [email protected] with some of your previous work. It can take a few days before I respond.

I can’t share the .DWG files here but I can send you the files over email for you to get a gist of what you’re working with, how much time it’s going to take you etc.

  • Richard van der Oost

I don’t exactly know what software can open DWG files, nor do I know of a blender plugin that could do so.
is it possible for the files to be provided in any other format?

You can open them with Freecad http://www.freecadweb.org/

perfect, then I’m up for this job.
PM sent.