Looking for 3D Product Designer (potential earnings)

I am looking for someone who can help work on a single 3D product design for a company that is well known in the fashion industry.

I need to model a pair of sunglasses, made out of safety pin frame. If you are willing to work on this project we can get in contact and I will give you half of the earnings from the job AND I will pay a small sum out of my pocket to you.

Two weeks to finish this said project. I am not the best at blendr but I have a bunch of images from different angles to help model. As well as the safety pin, its piece by piece so it shouldn’t be extremely difficult.

The model will end up somewhere where a lot of people will see it.

Let me know please, Thanks!

I’d be interested in tackling this. Do you have any concept art to work from?

Message has been sent.