Looking for 3D still image to use for personal project


I’m working on a personal fan fiction story based on the newest entry in my favorite game series, House of Ashes. I’d like to have a cover for it, even though I don’t plan on releasing it publicly. I am hoping for an image of my original character along side one of the main characters from the game. I understand that the graphics in this game are incredibly high-res. Since I would like something in a similar style, I also understand that it will take time and effort to do. I am more than happy to pay for said time and effort. So if you are interested, please let me know your cost. This game series, and this game in particular carry a very personal meaning for me. So this project is very important to me. If you need any additional info or details before giving me a price or deciding whether or not to get involved, please reach out to me. Thanks for reading.



Hello there! so the project consists on the modeling of your original character and one from the game? Do you have images of your original character?

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