Looking for a 3D artists (to make clothes for MakeHuman)

Hi *,

I’m looking for a 3D artist who can make some clothes items. The work is payed and the created items should be released later by the artist under the CC-BY license for the MakeHuman community.

Required items are:

  • ski helmet
  • ski goggles
  • ski jacket
  • ski trousers
  • ski gloves
  • ski boots

Further requirements are:

  • all items should come with a diffuse texture and a normal map

  • all items should be integrated in MakeHuman and work for men and women meshes

  • all items should be released after payment under the CC-BY license

  • an invoice is required (payment is via PayPal)

Please leave me a PM with:

  • a link to your portfolio
  • rough estimation per piece
  • contact details

Thank you in advance!

PM sent