Looking for a 3d Blender Artist to collaborate with

Hi there blender artist,

If you are openminded and love to collaborate with another artist or creative designers, then your the person i would love to get in touch with. I’m a Dutch Artist from the Netherlands and looking for a collaboration with other creative people. I’m looking for a artist who is passion about modeling and creating character designs or organic Artwork. It’s about The Artwork i make. Wanted to be 3D.
Check out my artwork on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wol75_artist/

I you are interested then i would love to see a portfolio in here.

Have a great day,


Hello, it would be helpful if you gave information about what kind of work would you like to collaborate on, as well as in which way you wish to be contacted.

Hi Leon,

Thanks you for your questions.

  1. I would like to you like to collaborate on my Artwork. I want to combine my skills with a great blender artist. Do please check my instagram account.
  2. Contacted can be in here.

Do you have a Portfolio?

Thank you for your reply.

While I don’t have a prepared portfolio, my main reason for asking the questions was because I wanted to know a bit more about it and not because I wanted to collaborate. It is difficult to decide from just hearing, that someone wants someone to collaborate with them without being told what it involves. So in this case I decided not to, as my work is more game-asset oriented rather than artwork-oriented.

Do you want to collaborate on money paying jobs or on just for fun/portfolio art?

Hi Lumpengnom,

Depends of the portfolio.

Hey we specialize in character designs and provide riggin service
connect with us
Discord - Artist#6715
Email - [email protected]
contact us for portfolio we work on very reasonable rates

Like your style. Very cool. Is the reason you want to collaborate because you don’t use Blender?

Or you want more 3D in your work?

Do you want to design and give instructions for assets you might need?

You have nice work!