Looking for a 3d model of a character with bones to rig to VRchat

Hello! I’m looking for someone to make a simple 3d model of this character, Lancer, from Deltarune. I wanted to rig him into VRchat, which I am able to do myself. However, I can’t 3d model at all. I would say he is a relatively simple character to make, he’s just round. But that’s up to a modeler to decide.

For him, I would like:
1.) The 3d model
2.) Textures
3.) Bone structure that can be easily translated into VRchat.

Here is a reference of the character:

I want a certain expression, but that can be discussed through emails.
I am willing to pay quite a bit! I do not know how these things are priced, however. Please let me know!

Hello how are you, DM sent

Hello I have experience working for VR Chars, sent you a DM!


I have PMed you regarding this. Please check it out.

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